About Us

RAL has represented the mark of quality for almost nine decades and is one of the world's oldest labelling professionals. The particularly high quality standards for products and services are developed by independent experts, subjected to continuous monitoring by independent institutions and constantly updated. RAL Quality Marks are trusted around the world because they are reliable, objective, and the regulations are always completely up-to-date.

RAL Colours Australia is operated exclusively by Oxytech Powder Coatings Pty Ltd.

Oxytech is Australia‚Äôs leading distributor of powder coating products and supplies. Being the only distributor of powder coatings in a manufacturer-dominated market, Oxytech has taken this advantage to expand and diversify their range of quality powder coating related products:

  • RAL Colour systems,
  • Oxyplast powder coatings,
  • Pre-treatment chemicals,
  • Cleaning solvents,
  • High temp masking products,
  • Metal fillers and
  • Powder coating hooks.

This diversification has cemented Oxytech as a significant supplier to the Australian powder coating industry.

As a highly valued Oxytech customer, you will experience our professional, yet personal service and high quality products. We strive to work with each customer individually, through product requirements, expedient delivery and technical support ensuring that you get each and every job done well.